Syncing Instructions

Doorbell Camera is Flashing Orange

  • If your Doorbell Camera recently stopped working and the LED is showing an Orange rapid double flash, your Doorbell Camera is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
  • There are a few reasons that your Doorbell Camera may have lost Wi-Fi connectivity:
    • Your Wi-Fi network is not working. This could be caused by a loss of Internet connection from your Internet Service Provider or a problem with your Wi-Fi router. Check that you have an Internet connection and a functioning Wi-Fi router before proceeding.
    • Your Wi-Fi router is too far away from the Doorbell Camera. Try moving the router closer to the Doorbell Camera.
    • You recently made changes to your Wi-Fi network’s name or password (possibly including replacing your router). If so, follow the instructions below to reconnect your Doorbell Camera to your Wi-Fi network.

Step-By-Step Syncing Instructions

1. Download the Latest Version of the Customer App

It is important to check that you are using a supported version of the mobile app on a supported mobile device. The Doorbell Cameras are supported on both the Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms.

  • Apple iOS customers must have:
    • iOS 8 or higher
    • The Mobile app for iOS v3.5.1 or higher
  • Android users must have:
    • Android OS 4.4.1 or higher
    • The Mobile app for Android v3.5.2 or higher

2. Log in to Your Account on the Customer App

3. Open the Doorbell Camera Tab from the Navigation Menu

4. Tap the Settings Gear Icon

5. Select Begin Installation in the Add Another Doorbell Camera Section

  • Note: This action will re-sync your doorbell camera using your new Wi-Fi credentials.

6. Follow the On-screen Instructions

  • Note: Do not connect to the doorbell camera’s Wi-Fi network until instructed to do so
  • Take this time to double check that the doorbell camera is securely fastened to the wall.
  • Check that your Doorbell Camera’s LED is alternating red/green. If it is not, push and hold the doorbell button for approximately 60 seconds until you see the Green and Red alternating flash.
  • Name your Doorbell Camera. This name will appear on the mobile app and Customer Website. You can name your Doorbell Camera the same name you had before.
    • Note: During this step the app communicates with’s servers – an internet connection is required for this step to succeed.

7. Connect to Doorbell Camera’s Temporary Wi-Fi Access Point

Note: The doorbell camera is temporarily creating a Wi-Fi network to assist with the syncing process. You must connect to the temporary network to configure the doorbell camera.

  • The process differs for iOS vs. Android:
    • iOS – leave the mobile app and open the Settings app. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network name that starts with “Skybell”
    • Android – do not leave the mobile app. The app will detect the doorbell camera’s network
  • The doorbell camera’s Access Point Mode SSID starts with the word “Skybell” followed by the serial number (S/N) of the doorbell camera.
    • Note: The Doorbell Camera’s serial number (S/N) can be found on a sticker on the back of the device, if needed.

8. Select Your Permanent Wi-Fi Network for the Doorbell Camera to Connect to and Carefully Configure the Wi-Fi Settings

  • Select the home’s Wi-Fi network
  • Very carefully enter the password for the Wi-Fi network
    • Note: if the user incorrectly enters the password, the LED will continuously flash orange – this is an indication that you have entered incorrect credentials.

9. The Doorbell Camera Will Sync

  • The Doorbell camera’s LED will follow this pattern:
    • Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)
    • Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)
    • Solid Green
  • Note: if the LED gets stuck on the double-flash orange mode, you likely entered incorrect Wi-Fi credentials. Try again.
  • Installation status updates will appear on screen.

10. Enable Push Notifications

  • By default the doorbell camera installation process will enable a doorbell call push notification.
  • Push notifications help you take full advantage of your Doorbell Camera. Enabling push notifications makes it easier for you to know when a visitor is at the door.
  • Note: push notifications can be updated after completing installation from the main Notifications tab.

11. Enable Recording Schedules

  • By default the Doorbell Camera installation process will enable doorbell push button recordings.
  • Motion-based recordings can be enabled at this time if desired.
    • You can reduce the number of motion-triggered clips by selecting the “Low” motion sensitivity setting. Navigate to the Customer Website Video Device Settings page and adjust the “Sensitivity to Motion” slider to the “Low” position.

Congratulations! The Doorbell Camera is now ready for use.


Access Point (AP) – A networking device that provides access to a wireless network. During the setup process the Doorbell Camera temporarily becomes an access point when the LED is flashing green and red (Access Point Mode).

SSID –The identifier for a Wi-Fi network. Also known as the name of the network.

Serial Number (S/N) – A unique number for a piece of hardware. The Doorbell Camera’s serial number is printed on a sticker on the back of the device and is labeled S/N.

Need Help?

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If you are not yet using but are interested in learning more about using the Doorbell Camera, we recommend reaching out to authorized security providers in your area. You can find authorized providers here.

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